Goldmasters is buying new and used gold scrap jewelry & coins!

Goldmasters Gold, Silver, Platinum & Palladium Spot Price Indications:
Gold, Silver, Platinum & Palladium Spot Price Indications:
Gold:$2,323.30     Silver: $29.58     Platinum: $995.60     Palladium: $919.80   

Goldmasters Precious Metals Buys all Gold Scrap!

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We are buying new and used gold jewelry, coins, rings, old gold, chains,  pins, teeth, damaged, new gold, used gold,  dental gold, gold dealers inventories of class rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings,  broken gold jewelry, Close Outs OK!  Any quantity gold jewelry accepted - Karat gold properly sorted - Please!  If you do not have a scale simply sort your gold by karat and send it along and we will weigh your gold and pay you the same day we receive your shipment. Rejected or not gold items returned at customers expense. Melted items, crude bars, blobs, placer gold, small pieces sweeps etc. may be subject to a ten business day delay.

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Any quantity accepted! - No Handling Charge - No Hidden Fees!
Prices displayed are the actual price per gram you will receive!

Goldmasters Gold Scrap Buying Price Per Gram

10K Gold - Price Per Gram

10K Gold - Price Per Gram - Plainly marked


Gold Coins - 12K - (Not gold Filled) - 50% Pure Gold- Price Per Gram

12K - (Many World Coins) - 50% Pure Gold - Per Gram


Scrap Gold - 14K rings, chains, bracelets, earings, etc - Price Per Gram

14K Gold Rings, Chains, Bracelets etc. - Per Gram


16K Dental Gold - * gold teeth, bridges, crowns, etc * gram prices

16K Dental Gold - Price Per Gram


Gold Scrap - 18K - Price Per Gram - Plainly marked - Assayed

18K Gold - Price Per Gram - Plainly marked


21.6K Scrap Gold * 90% Pure Gold Coins * Price Per Gram

21.6K - 90% Pure Gold (Coins) - Price Per Gram


22k Gold - Price Per Gram - Assayed / Hallmarked

22K Gold - Price Per Gram - Hallmarked


Gold Scrap Price Per Gram - 23K - Assayed / Hallmarked

23K Gold - Price Per Gram - Hallmarked


Gold Scrap Prices Per Gram - 24K - Assayed - Coins - Bars - Hallmarked etc.

24K Gold Coins / Bars - Price Per Gram - Hallmarked


Selling scrap gold to Goldmaster Precious Metals How to Sell Gold Scrap to Goldmasters Precious Metals!

Goldmasters Precious Metals offers you these advantages...
You can-lock in your gold price online 24/7
Any quantity gold scrap accepted to receive today's gold price!
 Goldmasters offers live online Gold Scrap buy prices!
No special packaging required - sorted in zip lock bags OK!

Goldmasters Precious Metals is as close as Your Mailbox!

Goldmasters Precious Metals requires your sending the registered
mail number(s) / tracking number(s) etc. from the package(s) you have sent
us before 9:00 P.M. New York time within the same trading day failure to
provide this information in the time allotted may cause your trade to be paid
based on our market spreads for the day we receive the shipment (Goldmasters Choice)

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The above precious metals spots and spreads are indications only. Confirm your order as prices and
 premiums can change very fast. All orders must be confirmed and must be assigned a trade number
 before shipping to Goldmasters Precious Metals. Simply place your request to sell scrap gold at the
prices indicated and we will confirm you at these prices. Once you have been confirmed goods to be
shipped must be post marked within 24 business hours of the trade.
All transactions are held in the strictest confidence as your privacy is important to us all.

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